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The weather was real ugly the night I left my husband. I caught him with his sister's maid-of-honour and took my two small boys and left in the middle of a snow storm. I headed for home across the Canadian prairies. A friendly trucker gave us refuge from the freezing weather in his sleeper cab that first night and then I was on my own. As soon as I reached home I knew it would never be that again....home. I took what I wanted from our marriage and headed out again, looking for a place to hide and heal.

He caught me on the bridge leaving town.

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I didn't go looking for love, but then one summer evening I walked right into it - head over heels! It happened the moment my eyes met his. I was out for a drink with my sister and best friend when he walked in. He singled me out in a room full of gorgeous women. He was tall and good looking in a rugged kind of way and he seemed to see no one but me. We danced and talked until they closed the place.

Foolishly, I drank too much as was quite incapacitated by then. He took me to his motel room and tried to get me into bed. I wasn't that drunk! I was positive that he was 'mister right' when he didn't get mad because I refused. He just asked me for another date.

That's a good sign isn't it?


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This is a murder story. Not a murder mystery or a who-done-it. That is never in question_except to the police. This is the story of an abused woman who is forced to take action against her abuser, but divorce does not give her the freedom she seeks, he won't go away.

She believes there is only one way to end it and be free. She takes the ultimate step.

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Released on November 8, 2016

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Brit is stuck in a pattern of making choices that will piss off her overbearing father, but her most recent companions are much nastier than even she realizes. They leave her lost and alone in the bush where she has an encounter with a grizzly and is rescued by a man on a big black horse. Falling in love with a cowboy nicknamed Bear adds another dimension to her life, but all is not wine and roses.

Bear comes to the conclusion that Brit must be a prostitute to behave as she has and struggles to control his growing attraction. Brit is devastated by his rejection and then an unexpected danger from her former companions complicates things and puts her life in jeopardy.

Will she live to see Bear again?

Stories that are works in progress.

Now a peek at what I am currently working on.


I originally named this one Getting Even. but that name doesn't fit anymore - I need to find a new title.

I thought I was finished but as I put the final edits to this story my main characters put up a struggle. I ended up re-writing the whole bloody thing yet again! It started out as a romance between a lady and a twisted, secretive man -- but she ain't no bleeding violet - this lady has a past. This is something I never expected to write about. Murders, child porn, rape, cops and how an otherwise sane, gentle woman learns to deal with the fact that she is capable of murder -- Yikes!! The plot continues.


This is a Historical Romance. Jessica immigrates to the west coast of Canada around the turn of the last century (1910) and meets and marries three men. This is about her journey in life and how she deals with those who are not what they appear at first. Like all women of that time she starts out feeling helpless but over time and with a little help she learns how strong she really is. Then she falls in love - really in love and everything changes. I have finished the story line but now need to edit and polish it until it shines. This is also the very first story I wrote when I decided to become an author.


Jewel is a first-nations lady who accidentally travels back to an earlier time in British Columbia's history. This is the story of how she deals with present day obstacles as well as falling in love with a man who died 800 years ago. I have finished the story line but again I need to edit edit edit.

? as yet unnamed?

This is a story about a girl born in the Carpathian Mountains of southern Poland during the time of the Vikings, about 1000AD. At age ten she is rescued by a Viking from raiders that have wiped out her village. He believes that she is his dead daughter, given back to him by Odin. He raises her as his own and they travel back to Sweden, then by ship to Iceland, Greenland and finally North America. She is separated from the Vikings there and begins another journey with the indiginous people.


This one is about a woman pilot who survives a plane crash and then has to survive winter in the mountains - alone.

Much, much more to come! ! ! ! !